The joy of early morning starts

We went for a quick trip to Phillip Island on Saturday. We had to be home by 12 so I could get ready for a date with my BFF so we decided to leave home at 5am. Yes, we voluntarily got up at 5am on a Saturday morning.

That early morning wake up was haaaaaaard. I was already awake feeding Bas but to actually get out of my nice warm bed and venture out into the cold, dark morning….no fun!

Thommo and I had put in the hard yards the night before, packing breakfast, lunch and snacks, changes of clothes, drinks etc to make leaving as easy as possible. The plan was for us to get up, pack the food into the car (nappy bag etc was packed night before) then pack the sleeping children into the car. Of course, nothing ever goes to plan, Bas decided to poonami so needed a full change of clothes. But we still managed to be pulling out of the driveway at 5.30am.

There is something fun and exciting about sneaking out of the house in the dark, trying to be quiet so we didn’t disturb the neighbours. We were hoping to make it Phillip Island in time to see the sun rise, we were a bit late and instead watched it rise in Tooradin.

It was still very beautiful when we arrived at Phillip Island though.

Rugged the kidlets up….

And off we went “esploring” on a “benture”.

We watched the sun continue rising..

We explored rockpools and collected shells..

It was a wonderful morning, 5 am starts are definitely worth it. Lots of peace and quiet in the car on the way home.


Most of these photos were taken by Thommo at Thompson’s Exposures


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