Stop! Coffee time!

Thank goodness it’s Monday! Oh wait, that’s not how that saying goes is it? Oh wells. How was your weekend? Ours was cer-razy! Hence the glad it’s Monday. Although Monday is bringing it’s own busy-ness so not really a huge break.

The weekend started on Friday for us, Thommo was home and had hired a skip to start cleaning up the bushes he’d pulled out of the backyard ready for our big backyard revamp. It seemed like a really good idea to start ripping the deck up too while he was at it. Smart huh? By the time Saturday rolled around we had a mostly demolished deck except for some beams and the posts holding the pergola up. 2 of which are rotted almost completely through. We were glad to have confirmation that getting rid of the deck was wise (lots of rotten wood = $$$$ to repair) but it now means the backyard is off limits to the kiddos for the next week or 2 until our handyman can replace those rotted posts.

It was awesome timing, we had nothing much planned for Saturday so I could spend all day amusing the children. Well that’s how it would have gone in an ideal world. Sadly, the world is not ideal. Thommo had to work, said handyman was coming to work on the twins room, my grocery shopping was being delivered I couldn’t take the kids out AND Thommo was going to be late home because he was picking up an EBay purchase for me (99c couch people, 99c couch!!).

We muddled through the morning, baked a cake with the big kids to keep them out from under the handyman’s feet, Ollie was having a “I’m not going to sleep and I’m not happy about it” kind of day (thank goodness for the Ergo!) and Thommo walked in the door (early!!!) just before I found myself a nice quiet corner to rock in.

But we made it through the day! The twinlets’ bedroom is now minus a superfluous doorway and plus a door (it had 2 doorways but no doors at the start of the day). Handyman even whipped up a shelving unit for an unused space in the lounge room and when I say whipped I mean it. He measured up, went outside and came back in 45 minutes later with a shelving unit, it was all very “Changing Rooms”. Where’s our matching polo shirts??

Sunday was a little quieter, stress keeping the kids inside, picking up another EBay purchase ($11.52 dining table, I am such a tight arse), visits to Bunnings etc. And today the electrician is coming to change some light fittings, move some switches, install new fittings etc etc. Another tradesperson to keep the big boys away from (well, out of his way at least). And the list of walls/things I need to paint seems to be ever growing. And I really hate painting.

For now I shall just sit and enjoy my cup of tea. Shhhh. I’m pretending it’s quiet!


3 Responses to Stop! Coffee time!

  1. Lib says:

    Ha Ha….I feel exhausted just reading that!!!

  2. Amy says:

    What a weekend! My husband is exactly the same, starts a project and gets distracted by something else he’s been ‘meaning to do for ages’, and in doing so makes my life a little more difficult (like last weekend, deciding to reorganize a cupboard and leaving all the ‘discard’ stuff lying around, so now I’ve got to get it all in the car and to Lifeline. Sigh).

    Loving your ebay bargains!

  3. Kerry says:

    Sounds manic, but then me thinks you thrive on these little pockets of manic activity, so all is well!

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