Why I don’t like solids

For the babies that is. Personally, I’m a huge fan of solids.

The babes are now 7 months and we’re on the solids train. Sigh. They’re growing up too fast.

I’d forgotten how much effort it takes. And how much mess they make. We were planning on doing baby led solids, but these gosh darn babies are so different. Sebastian gobbles down mashes, but looks at you like you’re daft if you offer him finger food. Whereas Oliver LOVES finger food. But you can’t just feed Sebastian mash while Ollie chomps on finger food, that would be too easy. Ollie gets narky if he doesn’t get what Bas gets. So it’s a mouthful for Bas to gobble and a mouthful for Ollie to blow raspberries in. And Bas has finger food on his high chair tray for him to turn his nose up at.

Lunch is the worst, takes ages! Sandwiches for the big boys, wrap for me, finger food for the little ones, mash banana or avacado or dinner left overs, drinks all round, babies in high chairs, big boys hands washed and then it’s time to eat! Then there’s the post meal clean up of people, high chairs, table and floor. Lots of work. But the worst bit is the nappies, gone are the days of the lovely breastmilk buttered popcorn scented poos, now it’s stinky solids tainted poos.

It’s not all bad of course, I love sitting at the table with all of them, watchign their interactions, the giggles, conversations, cheekiness. I am absolutely blessed. And it’s always bittersweet seeing the babies reach a new developmental milestone, I wish they’d stop reaching them so fast.


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