Sleep part 2

The day after I posted about the lack of sleep going on around here I got a phone call from my BFF. BFF had been chatting to Thommo and between them they decided that I needed to book a hotel room asap and BFF was calling to order me to make the booking. I was entering credit card numbers to make the booking before we’d finished the phone call!

Thommo came home bearing magazines and chocolate. While Thommo had a snooze on the couch in preparation for the loooooong night ahead I organised myself and dinner for the kids. 4pm and it was time to get going.  As we drove through the entry to ethe hotel I was nervous! I don’t know why, I know Thommo is perfectly capable of looking after the kids.

I checked in, walked into my room to be greeted by:

And I nearly cried. And then I stood there wondering what the heck to do next. The room was silent. There were no children fighting, demanding food, laughing, yelling. I had no one making demands of me. What the heck was going to do first?? So I went with this:

Bubblebath, magazines, TimTams and wine, I know, life sucks right?

After my bath I compiled my dinner (fresh bread, shaved ham, dip, camembert etc etc, again, life sucks) on a tray, bottle of wine and mineral water on the bedside table and jumped in here:

And with my magazines and remote control by my side, there I stayed for the rest of the night. I didn’t sleep as well as I thought I would, I woke up several times, woke just before 6 in desperate need of a session with my breastpump (I pumped 3 times), went back to sleep and had nightmares. But it was still a lot more sleep than I’ve had in ages. Combined with the complete and utter silence it was just blissful.

At 9.30am I checked out of the room, Thommo and the buscar load of children were waiting for me with huge beaming smiles. The babies (especially Sebastian) did their best leech impersonation as soon as we got home, lots of booba for them and cuddles for all.

Thank you Thommo for a wonderful night off, it was so nice to have a break and it’s equally lovely that you now have an understanding of what goes on at night while you sleep.

Feeling very lucky ❤



2 Responses to Sleep part 2

  1. FeistyKel says:

    Yay!! So glad you got a break. You 2 need to take it in turns of doing this monthly!

  2. […] of knowing it’s ok to take time for herself. The very best gift Thommo every gave me was a night in a hotel when the babies were 7 months old. That’s obviously not possible all the time, finding […]

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