So peaceful when they’re sleeping aren’t they? Pity they don’t do a whole lot of it at night anymore *yawn*.

During the day they are ridiculously easy to settle, pop them in their cot, they snuggle up together and off they go to dreamland. It is that easy. No stress from any of us. try and do the same at night and all hell breaks loose. Tears (mine usually) and upset all round.

We follow the same process as their day sleeps, their bellies are full, their bottoms clean. But at night they start to cry within minutes. We won’t leave them to cry so we go in to them immediately, try patting, feeding, rocking, singing and eventually 2 hours later they go to sleep. And then 3 hours later they’re awake again. And again 2-3 hours after that. And if I’m really unlucky, like I was last night, at 4am they decide it’s time for giggles, play and exploring. And then the big boys are up anywhere from 5am – 7am.

Obviously for whatever reason they are currently needing a little more help from us to get to sleep at night, which is fine, we’re their parents, it’s what we’re here for. What I am finding hard is the loss of time to myself. All day I have little people making demands on me, either the constant talking from 2.5yo and 4yo, the questions, the endless food required, the cuddles, nappy changes etc etc etc etc. And that’s being a mum, I’m totally down with all that. But we did have this awesome 7pm bed all round thing going on. Which meant I’d get some down time with Thommo before packing him off to bed, then a little quiet time all for myself before I went to bed. I struggle with not having that down time, so I stay up too late yearnign for it but being too tired to really enjoy it and then go to bed just in time for the babes first wake up. A cycle of exhaustion that needs to be broken. But I’m not sure how, at the end of a noisy, busy day I need those precious few quiet hours to myself, to unwind.

Sleep feels a bit like a mythical creature at the moment, hope she comes to visit again soon.


2 Responses to Sleep

  1. Liz says:

    Ohh dear , it will, trust me!! It gets better, just when you think that it can’t!!
    And then…… if you are like me, you fall pregnant again and can’t sleep with insomnia!! ARGH
    Our twins are fantastic self settlers, and you don’t hear a peep when thye are put to bed, unless something is wrong or they want/need something. But then again, we did leave them to cry a bit in the past, especially if we were home alone , how could you not?! ha
    Oh and can you email me your addy please?I didn’t get one and need to send your gift 🙂

  2. […] day after I posted about the lack of sleep going on around here I got a phone call from my BFF. BFF had been chatting to Thommo and between […]

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