It’s all a bit chaotic here at the moment. Our local area has a bit of a  mouse plague. We had been feeling a touch smug that they hadn’t invaded our house. And then last week they did. They appear to like our kitchen cupboards, probably the warmth of our dishwasher. So the cupboards have been emptied and cleaned and traps set. Everything from in the cupboard has been thoroughly washed.

In addition to our uninvited house guests, we’ve been arranging quotes for some home improvements. The twinlets will finally have a bedroom in the next 2 weeks. I’m madly trying to get the last little bits of the big boys’ room finished, while planning what I need to do/make/buy for the twinlets room. I am looking forward to getting some order back soon. And of course, sharing the changes with you all.


3 Responses to Chaos

  1. FeistyKel says:

    Im looking forward ro seeing what you do with the rooms. Exciting!

    • Megs says:

      The big boys room is nearly finished, just need to sort blinds out and touch up a little something and then it’s done except for a few little accessories I’m keeping my eye out for.

  2. Gab* says:

    Where is that damn housework fairy?! She’s slack! I loathe mice, you poor thing!

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