The power of clothes

I’ve been feeling pretty blech about my body since the babies have been born. I love my body, sure it doesnt look how I’d like it to but it’s grown 4 babies, it’s still feeding 2 of those babies, my body is a pretty amazing thing.

Having twins sure changes your body shape, having any babies changes it. And all my clothes were either too big or too small. It’s so hard to feel confident when you arent comfortable, when nothing fits you right anymore and you don’t love the clothes you’re wearing. It’s not about size, my clothing size has changed up and down over the years (more up than down, let’s be honest) but the one thing is constant, if my clothes fit right and I love them, I feel good.

I used to have a wardrobe full of clothes I loved, I’m not sure exactly when that started to slip away. I wish I had realised it was happening so I could stop it. If I’m wearing something I love I feel confident, gorgeous, ready to take on the world. And my very favourite clothes have always been the ones that make me feel like dancing, twirly skirts, ruffles…i had the most delicious bias cut yellow rose printed skirt with a ruffle that floated with every move, loved it, made me feel like a dancing goddess!

It’s amazing the power a few pieces of fabric can have isnt it? I went shopping last night and a little more today. Some lovely clothes now hang in my wardrobe. And it feels good. My new rule is if i don’t love it, it doesnt come home. No more making do with whatever is there, bad clothes make me feel ugh and my inner dancing goddess doesnt deserve that.

Do clothes have power over you?

P.S. No pictures from me for a week or 2, our internet has been shaped (curse you Downton Abbey!) and it is painfully slow.


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