Breastfeeding update – 6 months on

I haven’t annoyed the trolls with my blatant breast flashing for a while now so here you go!

Now I’m done annoying the trolls, how is breastfeeding going? Wonderfully! They’re demand fed and I mostly feed them seperately as they’re very different in their feed schedules. Although of course they throw in the occassional “we both want to feed and we both want it NOW” just to keep me on my toes. They’re more aware of each other now and when feeding together they like to hold hands or annoy each other.

They are still having a bottle each a day. I felt guilty about that for quite a while, it’s not ideal, I’d rather they were getting 100% breast. BUT. I need that break. That little helper at the end of a busy hectic day, when dinner is done and 4 children need to be bathed and tucked in to bed, dishes need to be done and well, there are 4 children to 2 parents and I feel decidedly out numbered during that crazy hour. It helps keep me sane so Im finally letting go of the guilt, that’s just the way it works best for us at this point in time.

I really am loving breastfeeding. I love seeing their little legs kick with excitement when Thommo hands them to me for a feed. Love the closeness. From a selfish viewpoint I love that it is something that only I can provide for them. Love the convenience and ease, co-sleeping + breastfeeding = sanity for this busy twin mum.


4 Responses to Breastfeeding update – 6 months on

  1. Sarah says:

    Gorgeous photos Meg. LOVE the one of the boy’s holding hands ❤

  2. oelare says:

    Awesome work Megs!!

  3. Korina says:

    That is just so gorgeous – the photos, the words – all of it. Gorgeous.
    Keep up the fantastic work. :)))))

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