EBay WIN!!

After my little EBay boo boo the other day I was delighted today to get myself an EBay bargain!

I’ve been eyeing off the Ikea Kura bed for the big boys room. Their room is very small and at the moment they have 2 single beds which leaves a walkway between them about 40cms wide. The beds they currently have do turn into bunks but they are really too young for standard bunks yet. The Kura seemed to be the perfect solution for now. They’re low, Lew’s mattress will actually be on the floor, but it will allow them much more space in their room which is needed!!

We’re picking them up on Thursday but you will have to wait until the rest of the room is done to see it. I need to paint, make or acquire curtains/blinds, refinish a chest of drawers and do a little decorating.

I can’t wait for the big boys to have a finished room! Then it’s onwards and upwards with the twins room. They’ll be out of cots before we get it started the way we’re going!


One Response to EBay WIN!!

  1. Al_Pal says:

    Grats! Sounds super fun. ;D

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