It looked smaller on eBay

My husband likes to collect things. In our bungalow is his collection of Phantom comics and newspapers, in our bedroom are his folders of family history crap information and newspaper waiting to go to the bungalow.

The crap stuff in our bedroom chose to invade our wardrobe. Delighted me no end. There may have been shouting. There was definitely frowning and whining. I love not being able to access my clothes and having every. single. shelf occupied by crap stuff.

Storage furniture, that’s what we need I decided. So I turned to my mate eBay, he’s never let me down before. I figured going for something that could house our spare tv would be nice (lazy days in bed with the babies, yes please!), doors to hide all the crap stuff was a must.

Find something that seemed to fit the bill, picked it up (well, Thommo did) and brought it home. All seemed fine. I toddled off to a physio appointment and came home to a wee problem.

You see, our bedroom is off a hallway and the cupboard was just a touch bigger than I had imagined aka taller than our door frames. To get it in our room it had to first go down 2 steps to the lounge room, then be hoisted up over the half-wall thingy across the hallway into the bedroom. Easy right? It’s not like solid wood cupboards weigh a tonne or anything!

We had to call my step father for help (apparently just holding a gym membership doesn’t build strength, who knew? Not weak armed me that’s for sure) but finally got it into position. Which is great. Only. It’s too big. Completely out of proportion in our small bedroom. So it will eventually need to find somewhere else to live. Maybe the rumpus room. But let’s recover from getting it IN the room before I dare mention taking it out.

I swear it looked smaller on EBay.


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