4 under 4 no more (aka happy birthday Jack!)

Well that’s it then. My eldest baby is now 4! We have officially survived 6 months of having 4 under 4. Lived it and loved it!

Its hard to believe this baby

is now 4! 4 sounds so much older than 3 don’t you think? He certainly seems a lot more grown up this week, although I suppose that could be contributed to his new hair cut.

I’m not biased or anything but isn’t he a good looking kid? He’s an amazing kid too, cheeky sense of humor, generous and loving to all his brothers (most of the time). He loves to move, dance, run, climb. Amazing hearing, can hear a packet of chocolates/lollies/biscuits being opened from a mile away. Quite happy to ignore you if you’re saying something he doesn’t want to hear. Typical kid stuff really, obviously we think he’s smarter/funnier/etc etc than any other 4 year old.

Shrek and dinosaurs are his current favorites. He’ll be getting a train set for his birthday and I’m going to attempt to pull off a truck cake, cross your fingers for me!

Happy birthday monkey boy, we think you rock!


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