DIY Friday: Hi Hat cupcakes

I tend to get a little…ambitious…when birthdays roll around. I plan elaborate themes, cakes etc that generally end in me being super frazzled and often in tears. Thommo’s 30th of course was no exception!

We had 3 celebrations planned (2 dinners and a lunch) and my initial plan was to make cupcakes with a different type of frosting for each event. But then while browsing Bakerella for ideas I found these, Hi Hat Cupcakes. I looked. I admired. I wondered. I decided to try.

In a fit of remarkable intelligence I decided to not do a trial run. Smart. Saturday afternoon Thommo took the kids out for a drive so I could frost the cupcakes in peace (had made them earlier in the day). I started on the frosting. 12 minutes of beating over a simmering pan of water. TWELVE minutes. When eternity 12 minutes had finally passed I had a bowl full of gorgeous, thick, glossy meringue frosting. Insert high 5 here. Then I added the flavourings the recipe called for, 1tsp vanilla and 1/4 tsp almond. Suddenly all I could smell was the almond. The formerly sweet meringue suddenly had a slightly ick taste to it.

You’d think that would be a good time to stop, start again perhaps? But no. I perservered hoping the frosting would taste better once on the cupcakes and dressed in chocolate. Frosted all the cupcakes and put them in the freezer while I prepared the chocolate for dipping. I had dipped approximately 10 of the 22 cupcakes before Thommo pulled up in the driveway. I took a dipped cupcake out to him to try. Verdict: I don’t like it.  In a fit of mature and adult behaviour I threw the remaining 21 cupcakes in the bin. And had a tanty.

Not one to be defeated, I tried again the next day. This time I skipped the meringue frosty and went with my standard buttercream. Frosted the cupcakes with high swirls, then put them all in the freezer while I prepared the chocolate (and dinner, I had an hour until our dinner guests were arriving). By the time I was ready to dip them the frosting was quite firm and very cold, I think they had been in the freezer for approximately 30 minutes. I was very nervous, dipping buttercream into warm chocolate seemed a bit like a recipe for disaster. But I held my breath….

Phew. It worked. I dipped and twirled until my chocolate got too low for dipping, then I spooned it over the top as I turned the cakes for an even coating. Then into the fridge to set. The final result looked was this:

They were delicious. And very very sweet.

The other celebrations? Cupcakes slathered in green buttercream (made in 2 hours!). And the next event the buttercream was topped with M & M’s.


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