Check in Tuesday

One of my new year’s resolutions is/was to make healthier choices and part of that is my food/exercise choices. Weightloss will hopefully be a benefit but health is the goal.

My food choices have been particularly bad of late, I’m tired so reach for quick and easy (often take away, chocolate etc) and I’m fueling my body badly so I’m tired, a vicious cycle to get into.

I need accountability so I am making myself accountable to you. I will be checking in each Tuesday with a review of my week, what’s worked and what hasn’t, how the exercise is going etc etc. I won’t be weighing in and I won’t be measuring, that’s not what is important. I will be reporting changes in energy, mood etc etc, those are the things I’m looking to change.

Join me on Tuesdays as I check in, maybe you’d like to join me with your own check in?


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