The curse of the internet?

The Internet is a wonderful place, I’ve met my husband, made some incredible friends and become a better mother and person due to some of the challenges I’ve been presented with. But with all the good comes bad, right? So much information at our fingertips, both scientific and anecdotal, when is it too much?

While preparing to try to conceive I learned all about how to maximize our chances of trying at the right time. I also learnt about all the things that can cause problems.

When trying I watched friends struggle, saw some achieve pregnancy only to lose precious babies, chemical pregnancies, miscarriages, babies not compatible with life.

Through pregnancy and motherhood I’ve shared in others joys and milestones, watched children grow, learned how to be a better mother. I’ve also seen mothers lose children, tragic accidents, SIDS, illness. I’ve heard of near misses that were so close to being tragedies.

The Internet is a wonderful place, but it can so easily feed fears. The stories that previously would have been distant or not heard at all, suddenly feel close to home. So close.


One Response to The curse of the internet?

  1. So true! My Dad’s most popular phrase/advice is ‘Good and bad go hand in hand’. Never can you understand this as fully as when you become a Mum! (Or start using the internet…)

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