I’m not arguing the pros and cons here, Lewis wasn’t vaccinated until late last year, vaccinations have been one of the hardest parenting decisions we’ve had to make. I don’t want a debate, just sharing my experience.

Today the twins had their first round of vaccinations, yes they are late.

I feel like a traitor. I’m their mum, it’s my job to protect them from pain and yet here I am holding them down so someone can stick a needle in them, just feels wrong.

Bas was first. He sobbed while the needles were being done, like his little heart was breaking. Ollie screamed and screamed, held his breath, looked at me so confused. Why was I letting someone hurt him? Thankfully big snuggled with mumma calmed them quickly afterwards.

They’ve both been very clingy since we got home, in need of lots of love, reassurance and boobie. Thommo and I have been playing baby pass the parcel all evening, he holds the calm bubba while the other feeds then we switch. Always holding them close.

We’re doing it to protect them, but seeing them hurting feels oh so wrong.


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