How we beat the heat

It has been sooooooooooooo hot in Melbourne the last couple of days.  Hot hot hot weather means kids cooped up inside out of the way of the sun.  Kids cooped up = cabin fever!!  My 2 new favourite tricks for beating the heat, entertaining kidlets and keeping myself sane are:

Icy poles in a cool bath.  I love this.  Baths always keep my boys entertained for a while and an icy pole is a lovely treat but it makes such a mess and leaves my floors sticky.  So into a bath where mess can be cleaned straight away and a play in the water.  Makes for a good 30 minutes of distraction for them!

A breakfast picnic!  I knew the day was going to be hot so the night before I packed the kids and I a breakfast picnic.  The food was nothing exciting, cheese and vegemite sandwiches, banana chips, dry Cheerios and an apple each, nice and easy to throw together.  I had everything ready to go so that as soon as we woke up in the morning all we had to do was get dressed and pack the car.

Breakfast in the beautiful morning sunshine.

Basking in the cool sun before the heat of the day hit.

Running and playing. What better way to start off a hot Summer’s day?


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