Painting decisions

We had decided on British Paints Systematic as the colour for our feature wall in the lounge room (number 426). But now I’m worried it might be too dark.

As a refresher, this is the room and the wall being painted is the wood panelled wall. We’re not painting the whole room. I hate painting and this room has cathedral ceiling, hate painting + hate heights = not painting whole room. So the wall does need to be a feature wall. But how dark do you need to go for it be a “feature”?

Then there’s the twins room, we need to replace the bedroom door (their currently isn’t one). What colour do we paint it? The rest of the house the doors are creamy (all in need of repainting) and our trim and skirting boards are natural dark wood. I’d love to paint all the trim a lovely crispy white but did I mention I hate painting? A whole house of wood trim is a looooooooot of painting. And if we did do the trim then what would we do with the wood banister and posts in the entryway/hallway? And I’d have to paint the trim at the steps too. And all the window frames. Yeah. Wood trim it is.


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