Sorry I’ve been so absent lovely readers, its the twins baptism this weekend so we’ve been extra busy. I’ve got lots I want to blog about it’s just a matter of finding some time! But here’s a little update on all my boys!

Jack – threenager, full of attitude and driving me a whole lot of nuts! Just when I’m ready to ship him off to boarding school he’ll do something completely adorable or cheeky and my heart melts all over again. He’s showing a lot of interest in words and writing at the moment so I’m hoping to find some time each day to work on letters with him while he’s interested.

Lewis – has turned into a monkey! If it can be climbed he’ll climb it, his favorites at the moment are armchairs. He likes to climb up the back of then then fling himself into the seat. Or climb the back of the couch to stand on the top of it. Yeah, gives me heart palpitations. In the Thommo family 2010 yearbook he was voted most likely to climb a tree…and fall out of it. My little monkey has no fear but does have a whole lot of klutzy!

Oliver – 10 weeks old now (where does the time go???), super tight with bestowing his smiles. Ollie is the sleeper out of the 2, he has done a couple of blissful 8 & 9 hour stretches overnight.

Sebastian – also 10 weeks old, funny that huh? Still needs lots of cuddles and reassurance but getting calmer slowly slowly. Bassy is our smiley boy.

Me – busy busy busy and happy happy happy!


One Response to Quickie

  1. thommo99 says:

    And me???? How rude lol. Must admit when I saw a post titled Quickie, I got all kinds of excited ROTFL

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