The small things make a big difference!

See the steps on the left hand side of the photo? And the little bit of dark wood on the wall above them? Well that is one of a set of lovely (ahem) bar doors located on the walls at the top of the stairs. Yeah, I don’t know why they were there either. I’m sure you can imagine the fun 2 little boys can have banging said doors against the wall as they run laps of the house.

So after 16 months of putting up with ugly, annoying, loud doors finally one of us used our brain and got rid of them. It wasn’t me but I’ll take any kudos you feel like offering. Seemed like quite a simple job to this spectator, remove a few screws and voila! We now have this:

That narrow stairway now feels a whole lot wider and more open. Amazing what 5 minutes work can do huh?

ETA: first picture taken prior to us moving in, we seem to have taken no photos of the doors (can’t imagine why?) and Thommo neglected to think to take a “before” photo, boo, hiss!

ETA2: swapped out first pic with better pic.  And yes, those pantry doors ARE on my to-do list, however did you guess?


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