Meal planning Monday

I’m doing 2 weeks worth of meal plans today, as I made a bit of a boo boo. The twins baptism is in 2 weeks and I’ve managed to blow the very generous budget somehow, we think perhaps I forgot to include the church donation in my workings out, I dunno. So I’m trying to claw it back into line through the shopping budget for the next 2 weeks. Oh and Thommo has requested that we have a weekly Mexican style meal.

Planned meals are:
*beans and rice – yummy, spicy, tomatoey, beany goodness.
*chicken lime fajitas – I’m trying
this recipe from Made, if it works we’ll be having the same recipe with beef the following week
*chicken fingers, chips and salad
*lamb chops, jacket potato and salad
*seafood pasta
*lasagna and salad – my meat sauce is packed full of lentils and grated veggies, shhhh don’t tell the kids 😉
*baked chicken drumsticks and fried rice
*veggie burgers
*meatball subs

We’ve got dinner at the in laws and will probably hand over to Thommo for toasted sambos 1 or 2 nights too.

I know this plan isn’t very exciting, I’m hoping by posting regularly it will push me to mix it up a bit plus keep me accountable with yummy, healthy meals.


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