The big boys at play

Our rumpus room serves as the toy room/play area. It’s a big space but we’ve never really utilized it fully. The kids have a LOT of toys and it seemed to be more a mess breeding ground than a place to inspire imaginative play.

With the avalanche of presents received during Christmas it was well and truly time for a clean up. We’ve gotten rid of all the junky little toys and the broken ones, toys that haven’t been played with in a while have been packed away. Toys remaining have been given “homes” which makes clean up quicker and easier but also means the whole lot don’t need to be dumped on the floor (in theory).

Tonight I peeked in while the boys were having cuddles with Thommo and instead of the usual chaos and toys everywhere there was “in the middle if playing” mess. Towers of blocks, cars lined up waiting to be pushed around train tracks…so lovely to see PLAY instead of mess. Makes the time spent organizing so worth it.


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