Every baby is different

I see you rolling
your eyes, way to state the obvious huh? But it has never
been more apparent to me than right now, parenting 2 babies of
exactly the same age, who have been exposed to exactly the same
things. It’s really intriguing to watch. Here’s the run down
on the twins thus far: Pregnancy: Oliver was the lead twin,
right down low, Sebastian was at the top of the uterus, often
squishing himself over to the right with Ollie. My pregnancy
guessing had my wondering if Sebastian might be the more dominant
twin. Birth: Ollie was in a hurry! Sebastian was also
quick but a tad more reluctant to come out. As soon as they
were on my chest Ollie started rooting around for the breast,
Sebastian just wanted to chill. At home: Ollie’s cord stump fell
off the day we arrived home from hospital(Sunday), Sebastian’s came off 1week (Wednesday) after they were born. Ollie is a lot calmer, more relaxed in
his environment. He’s been happy to be on the floor for tummy
time etc for quite awhile now. Sebastian is more anxious (for
want of a better term), needs more reassurance. It’s only
been the last week or so that he’s been happy to be on the floor
next to Ollie, he startles more readily, is much more content when
he is close to others, either Oliver or being held. Even down to
things like how their digestive system works, they’re getting the
same food, yet Ollie has terrible stinky farts and their poos
differ as well (just what you wanted to know right?). I find it so
fascinating watching them and seeing their different
reactions. Such perfect, beautiful, individuals.


3 Responses to Every baby is different

  1. agatha90 says:

    they’re gorgeous megan!! i have always been fascinated by twins. kind of proves that its all about nature, rather than nurture, that shapes their personalities to a large extent.

  2. oelare says:

    Yes it would be fascinating seeing how different they are. And what a cool photo of them both. They are growing so quickly!! (cliche, I know. πŸ™‚ )

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