Wow, look who i found…

Amongst all the chaos and sleepless nights, I found the old me!

You know that person that has a perpetual smile plastered on their face? That sees the world through rose colored glasses? Whose positivity starts to drive everyone else a little crazy? Well that person used to be me.

I don’t know when it changed or what prompted the change, I went from being glass-half-full to glass-half-empty-and-WTF-is-the-other-half. Pretty sure I would have been hell to live with.

Again I’m not sure what changed, maybe Thommo having extended leave since the twins arrival? Maybe a hormone shift? Perhaps a mind shift? Or a combination of it all? It’s been so lovely to have the old me back, to spend most of my day smiling and happy. Why wouldn’t I be, I’ve got an amazing husband, 4 of the cutest kids in the world and fantastic friends, what’s not to smile about?

Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t all sunshine and roses, there’s still a 3yo, 2yo and 2 newborns in the house after all 😉 But it’s pretty darn awesome. My blog title is feeling more apt by the day, I truly AM living a blessed life, so very very lucky, loved and happy.


One Response to Wow, look who i found…

  1. Al_Pal says:

    Hooray! Beautiful. So happy for you.

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