My hospital experience

After all the to-ing and fro-ing with our birth plans I can honestly say I am very happy with our choice of hospital.  We were incredibly lucky to get a registrar at the birth who knew to keep “hands off the breech”.  I had awesome midwives on the maternity ward looking after me.  1 who insisted I have chocolate and arranged for Sebastian to room in with me at night so I didn’t have to traipse backwards and forwards to the SCN when I had a wee bit of a meltdown Thursday night. Another who came in and sorted the bed and bedrails out for me so I could happily co-sleep with Sebastian without me asking.  And a 3rd who ignored my tears on a day that to be asked what was wrong would have made it all too hard.

I was worried about the babies being in SCN.  We had experienced SCN in another hospital when Jack was born (also at 35 weeks) and we really wanted to avoid a repeat of the whole experience.  But the staff we encountered were fabulous bar 1.5.  The .5 was a lovely nurse but terribly chatty and slightly unprofessional, awfully kind but also annoying, particularly considering she was nightshift, 3am is not the time for chit chat!  The 1 gave Sebastian a formula top up in the middle of the day because he wouldn’t settle when I’d left the SCN to have lunch, it was the middle of the day, I was in a ward 3 minutes walk (hobble) from SCN and she chose to give him formula rather than call me. I was not impressed and told her so.

The set up in the SCN was hugely different to what I had previously encountered with Jack.  Jack was immediately placed in a  humidicrib for 24 hours for observation, we could only hold him during feed times and only for short periods of time.  Jack was much like the twins, breathing well on his own, having suck feeds and maintaining his body temperature.  The twins were placed together in an open cot, we could hold them as much as we wanted. The SCN has a designated breastfeeding area set up with comfy armchairs and curtains that can be drawn for privacy, directly opposite this area is a large display wall covered in information about the benefits of kangaroo mother care and breastfeeding.  The nurses knew I was keen to breastfeed so any formula feeds were done by cup until Ollie’s tube was put in.  When Sebastian was in my room overnight his nurse would pop in every few hours to give me updates on how Ollie was doing.

I had a fantastic nurse who seemed to have a magic touch with the boys, she was the one that got them both breastfeeding beautifully.  She was also the one who each night sent me back to my room with both babies between Ollie’s feeds.  And another fabulous nurse jokingly offered to call us a taxi when I asked if we could take the babies home on Sunday instead of the planned Monday, such was her confidence in our continued success.

I was discharged from maternity on saturday morning, which was a day longer than standard (thanks to another wonderful midwife).  Saturday night I roomed in with the boys in SCN.  The twins were discharged on the Hospital in the Home program, one of the lovely SCN nurses (Ollie’s first nurse in fact, lovely accidental continuity of care) came to visit us twice, every second day and a phone call on the inbetween day.  They were officially fully discharged from hospital on the second visit after having beautiful weight gains.

Of course, the food was terrible and the beds uncomfortable, but that’s hospital for you! LOL


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