Breastfeeding twins – the start of our journey

It’s only the start of what I’m sure will be a long journey!  We are now 5 weeks in and it feels like I’m feeding all. day. long.  We started off twin feeding (both babes feeding at the same time) but there’s been some attachment issues over the past week so I’m now trying to feed them seperately so I can correct any problems and hopefully minimise any further nipple damage.

On average they’re feeding every 2-3 hours, closer to 2 than 3.  Going out is a challenge, the timing is crucial, with a mad dash for the car as soon as both babies have been fed.  I generally have 1 babe in a sling and Thommo has the other babe in a carrier.  I feed whichever babe is requesting a feed and then generally there’s a baby shuffle as the other decides it’s their turn.  Much of my Christmas shopping has been done while feeding a small babe.

Sleep isn’t too bad at the moment, they’ve both now mastered feeding laying down so I can get them attached and then go back to sleep while they feed.  Trouble is I can only do one at a time, so one is feeding while Thommo cuddles the other, works for now but in 2 weeks Thommo will be back at work and we will have to rejig our routine.  But that’s too scary to think about right now!


14 Responses to Breastfeeding twins – the start of our journey

  1. oelare says:

    Wow – your breastfeeding experience does sound challenging (but not impossible). I hope that your nipples aren’t damaged any further – sore and damaged nipples are horrendous with 1 so I can only imagine the pain with constantly feeding 2.

    And I love the photo of the two of them in the football hold – great shot. Good luck. 🙂

  2. areyoukiddingme? says:

    That is a REVOLTING photo, how can you post that for public viewing???

    Yes, I know you believe that you are an earth mother and birthing goddess but where is your sense of propriety woman? And, putting BFing pics on your FB profile? Not everyone wants to see you with your tits out darl, not even your truest friends! Spare us all, please……

    • ljma2009 says:

      Hi Are You Kidding Me, really is quite simple, if you don’t like it, don’t look. Thanks for reading.

    • Oh go fuck yourself, you ignorant, stupid, dickwit.

      If you think this is revolting, go burn your retinas on my birth story blog…tits and cunt galore.

      Why am I being so rude in response to you? Because anyone with that level of discomfort with the female body and it’s normal functions is clearly a woman hater and therefore undeserving of a well thought-out or respectful response.

  3. Christie says:

    Usually I’m not into making comments in a negative way, especially when this story is so inspiring to me.
    In reference to “are you kidding me”, you truely should be ashamed of yourself. Not only was that response nasty, hurtful and a personal attack, you were pathetic enough not to leave your name.
    Breastfeeding is THE most natural thing in the world, is the least offensive thing I can possibly think of and Megan, keep flashing those Breastfeeding babies coz you are awe inspiring!!

  4. Amy Proka says:

    Megan that photo is amazing and to me it’s just so natural.
    ‘areyoukiddingme’, you absolutely should be ashamed of your self. If you don’t agree, that’s fine, but at least have the decency to say it under your real name. You are weak.

  5. Katharine says:

    Areyoukidding me?, get a life, and grow some balls whilst you are about it. If you are going to make such pathetic, hateful, ignorant comments to someone who is doing a brilliant job, the least you can do is sign your pathetic name. Just what about this bothers you? Yes, Meg IS an earth mother and birthing goddess. It’s exactly people like Megan who should be PLASTERING pics all over the net so that those people who are constantly told for the duration of their twin pregnancy that NO ONE can breastfeed twins, can see that clearly it CAN be done if you want to. Obviously you must have huge issues of your own to say something so horrible – I’m guessing you’ve had a bad birthing and/or breastfeeding experience and are really jealous of someone who has made it work despite the obstacles. I have encountered people like you before. Like Meg, I have twins and faced (to me) a horrible Caesar because both were breech. I “escaped” the Caesar because my babies decided they knew best and birthed themselves easily, naturally and perfectly, with my help of course. I also breastfed for a long time to my joy and my babies’ benefit, even though sometimes it was an uphill battle. It is HARD and what a BFing mother needs is encouragement and support, not hate from someone like you. So guess what? I rock and so does Meg and so does anyone who works as hard as we do to mother our babies in the way we think is right. If you are trawling through Meg’s pics to find BFing ones which obviously hurt you so much, you do have huge issues and I feel sorry for you. And guess what – I’ve signed my name. What’s yours? No, I didn’t think so.

  6. Nikki says:

    Meg I am so sorry that someone felt the need to leave such a nasty message here. That comment has made me so furious so I can only imagine how it made you feel. I just wanted to let you know that I think you are amazing!!!

  7. Sue says:

    All the reposne that the idiot commenter makes me have, is sadness for them. Sadness they are so totally disconnected from their own bodies. Sadness they have been so warped in the growing up process, whether it is their own parents shame or sexual issues or what, to instill into their child a fear of breasts.

    Sadness that the poster obviously does not have freedom in their sexuality, must have real issues with sex and enjoying their bodies, that you equate this as disgusting. Because obviously you must see breasts as purely a sexual domain and not for what they are intended for.

    Sadness for the smallness of this persons life, that they need to make them selves feel better by posting hateful comments to a mother. I mean, seriously, picking on the weakest much? Does bullying make you feel big, tough, superior?

    I am sorry for you, that you are so unhappy in your own life that you get your kicks from putting someone else down. I suggest you go and do some personal development courses or see a therapist, and explore why you hate yourself so much. Because only a person that hates themselves, puts so much energy into being hateful to others.

  8. areyoukiddingme? says:

    Well actually, she posted the link in her sig on I-do without any warning of what she had put up on this blog, so I had no warning. Her fault, not mine!

    • Jazy84 says:

      Wow! Such strong feelings for something so natural. I’m shocked, But I am even more shocked by the fact it was someone from I-do that has had this reaction.

      Meg I think you are doing a great job and BF twins is such an amazing acheivement that should be celebrated!

  9. ljma2009 says:

    Do you often feel the need to scold people on the Internet when you come across conduct you disagree with?

  10. leebee says:

    Congrats again Megs. I think its a beautiful photo, and well done on successfully BF twins. May your BF journey continue as long as you and your boys desire.

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