The twinlets SCN journey

We were very lucky to be blessed with 2 very healthy babies who only needed a very short stay in the hospitals special care unit, 4 nights and we were all headed home!  This a quick rundown of their brief journey in the interest of getting the whole story down.

Oliver – upon arriving in SCN approx 30 minutes after birth he had his blood sugar levels tested and they were quite low (1.5 or there abouts).  After discussions with the paediatrician we made the decision to allow him to be fed formula to get his sugar levels up until I could get there.  The doctors were adamant something needed to be done asap and our recommended treatment options were formula or an IV.

His levels continued to be low so he was put on 2 hourly feeds.  At this stage he was having cup feeds but feeding every 2 hours was tiring him out so by 4am on Thursday (day after birth) they inserted a nasal gastric tube.  He had tube feeds every 2 hours and at every 2nd feed we’d try him on the breast.

Friday night he finally had 3 great blood sugar levels in a row, so he was put on 3 hourly feeds overnight, he also had his first successful breastfeed, short but awesome!  Saturday morning as I was preparing to change his nappy and giving him a cuddle the tube fell out.  The nurses were happy to leave it out and see how he went.  By afternoon he was on full breastfeeds and his sugar levels were still great.  He continued to breastfeed successfully overnight and was discharged on the Sunday.

Sebastian – also had low levels post birth but not as low as Ollie’s.  Had small formula feed until I was able to get to SCN and breastfeed him.  Follow up blood sugar levels were great and he stayed on breastfeeds.  By Thursday night he was doing well enough to spend the night in my room rather than SCN.  Also discharged on the Sunday.


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