Riding the post birth high

With the twins off in SCN (Thommo went with them) I had time to kill while waiting for my room on the maternity ward to be prepared. There was lots of joking about what else should we do that day, not even 7am and already birthed 2 babies, how do you follow that up?

So we got on with the task of broadcasting the news, sending sms’s, updating Facebook and Twitter. I was on such a high, I felt like I would burst. Then within minutes of updating on Facebook my wall exploded with excited congratulations, it seemed the high was contagious. My absolute favourite of the day was a friend being heckled by another friend yelling out the car window “she birthed her babies out her giny!”. That made me giggle every time I thought about it for days.

Then I posted my birth story here for you all to read the other day and the response has been overwhelming. 1900 hits the day it was posted, huge difference to my usual average of 80-ish!! To be honest, I feel somewhat like a fraud, I’ve been told how inspiring I am (so very flattering!) but in reality I didn’t “do” anything. I went to hospital, my body and babies worked incredibly quickly and 20 minutes after walking in the hospital doors (well, rolling in courtesy of a wheelchair) the first babe was born. I needed to push, there was nothing I could have done to NOT push. I got lucky. If I had gotten to the hospital any earlier I would probably have been rushed off to surgery. i got lucky. The registrar on the ward at the time knew that evidence shows breech births are best dealt with with a hands off approach. I got lucky. Sucks that normal births like this are considered such an amazing event, that you have to get lucky to be “allowed” to birth your babies.

I am so glad that I got lucky. I hope all of you reading don’t have to be as lucky as me and get your births the way they should be. It’s all just a variation on normal.  And I’m still fighting the urge to perform an “I told you so” dance in the middle of the antenatal clinic.


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