Tomorrow morning I’m booked for a follow up scan to check on the position of the presenting twin. At the last scan Baby A was the presenting twin and he was breech. Since then I’ve spent a lot of time head down, bum up trying to encourage him to turn. Birthing twins in hospital the way we want to is going to be a battle on it’s own without adding a breech presenting twin to the mix. If he is still breech the hospital will be pushing for a c-section.

I honestly have no idea whether he has turned or not. I think the movements have shifted but with so many limbs in there it’s very hard to tell what is what. The only thing I recognise regularly is Baby B’s cute little tush that he likes to poke out in a very uncomfortable way!

So tomorrow at 9.15am will be our moment of truth. Thommo wrangled the day off work, thank goodness and I plan on wearing my blessingway necklace, I’ll definitely be needing the strength and love it contains. Fingers crossed for us.


2 Responses to Nervous

  1. Gayle says:

    Fingers, legs, toes. Got the works pretzeled for you!! Wish I knew some helpful moving tip but Imogen was breech so it goes to show what I know! LOL!

  2. helen says:

    Fingers crossed he has wriggled around the right way!

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