A beautiful blessingway

Yesterday was my blessingway. A blessingway is sort of an alternative to a baby shower but the focus is on the mother, her journey through pregnancy and giving her blessings for the transition to motherhood that is to come. There are many different rituals/ceremonies that can be incorporated into a blessingway.

We started with all the guests giving me a bead/s that they had chosen with the babies and I in mind. As they placed the beads into a cup that I had chosen to hold them they explained the reasons they chose those particular beads. The beads were later strung to form a necklace which I will wear or display during labour, carrying the good wishes and blessings along with them.

I then walked around the circle and bound the women’s wrists in red thread. The thread is a symbol of the thread that connects as all as women. The thread is then cut and each woman was given a bead of my choosing to add to their thread, the thread was then looped around their wrist and tied. The idea is that the thread is then worn until the women hear that I am in labour or the babies have been born at which point they cut the thread sending me their blessings. The idea of wearing the thread until the birth is that every time they look at it they will think of me and send their positive energy.

Everyone brought a plate of yummy food to share and decorated posters for me to take to hospital with me to put up in the birthing suite, much nicer to focus on than the beige hospital walls!

It was the loveliest of afternoons, the words spoken have left me filled with love and peace, I am so blessed to have such wonderful women in my life.  After the turmoil of this pregnancy, the physical difficulties, the mental and emotional challenges we’ve faced inn planning the birth, an afternoon surrounded by wonderful women was just what I needed.  It was so soothing to my soul.  I’m at peace now, I’m filled with the strength and love they surrounded me with and these babies will be born on our terms.  The remainder of the journey is short, I am strong, I can do this.


4 Responses to A beautiful blessingway

  1. Feistykel says:

    YES!!! Mission accomplished! Feel the strength! xx

  2. Erin says:

    Wow. Sounds like an absolutely beautiful day, and really fitting for someone with a soul as beautiful as yours. xox

  3. Al_Pal says:

    Bless! 😉

    So happy for you, that you had such a beautiful blessingway!

  4. Clare says:

    So lovely to hear.
    Again, so sorry for my tardiness and getting lost. I now know the way with confidence for next time!

    You ARE strong, and determined, and know you can do this! You are awesome 🙂

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