A sweet reminder

In the space of a single week our weeping cherry burst into bloom, going from bare branches to dripping in gorgeous blossoms. It’s the focal point of our lounge room window and I spent a lot of time watching the buds open, the bees and birds fluttering about and the play of the sunshine on the flowers. At times when the tree was bathed in sun it appeared to be a gorgeous glowing white, but then when in the shadows you could see it’s palest pink hue.

This week we’ve had a bit of rain and wind and most of those glorious blooms have fluttered to the ground to be replaced by new foliage. It’s been a timely reminder that my ever blossoming belly will soon enough be gone, it’s beauty and wonder merely a brief moment in time. And while I’m uncomfortable and heavy, it’s such a short time, I don’t want to look back having wished it away. I will relish this brief time where my belly is round and blossoming with new life.


2 Responses to A sweet reminder

  1. Nire says:

    What a beautiful analogy. I know at times its really tough honey, but as you say it is fleeting and you really are blossoming. Relish it all you can xox

  2. Liss says:

    I remember that feeling well. Take advantage of the sleep/shower/everything because pretty soon it’s all gonna change.. and change it did!

    Your blooms are lovely as is your belly! xx

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