The home stretch

Off to our first visit with the midwife this afternoon. I’m excited and prepared!  I have a looooooong list of questions to ask her, 3 notebook pages full in fact (with large spaces for writing her answers of course.

I’ve started writing my ideal birth plan, this first draft I’m going into lots of detail of all the things that are important to me, big and small.  I’ll then go through it with my birth team and condense it down into dot points for the hospital staff.  I’ll also work on what points are important to us for if things don’t go to plan.

It feels like we’re on the home stretch now, 28 weeks will be the week for installing carseats (I’m very pedantic about carseats and want to install them all myselves, any later than that and I doubt I’ll be able to move in the back of the car!) and starting to pack bags.  I’ve already written lists of what will need to be packed for myself and the babies, I need to write one for the boys bag and ensure the lists are displayed somewhere easy to access.

Please excuse the ramble, it’s starting to feel real and exciting.  We’re going to to have 2 babies, 2!  So very blessed.


One Response to The home stretch

  1. Sazz says:

    Can I just say I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you in time re your message about questions, big sorry! It was a feral week of flu at our place.

    I’m excited that you’re excited!!! 😀

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