The day it all started to come together

When we first discovered we were pregnant we started planning a homebirth. Then we found out we were expecting twins and suddenly our plans had to change. Finding a midwife to assist us with birthing our twins at home proved next to impossible with the current political situation. Our options were go on a “birth holiday” and birth with a midwife interstate, freebirth (birth unassisted) or a public hospital.

The birth holiday was out due to logistics and finances. Freebirth was a serious contender but we both decided we weren’t 100% comfortable birthing twins unassisted, I didn’t want to birthing in a space where either of us felt fear as that wouldn’t be healthy for anyone.  Public hospital was the only option left but it less than thrilled us.

With 2 hospitals open to us we were refered to both.  Initially we thought the bigger, tertiary hospital would be the best option.  They have the facilities to deal with premature babies from 24 weeks onwards and we thought they would provide the best possible care for the babies and I.  At our very first appointment the Dr said they would induce me sometime between 32 and 36 weeks, epidural would be compulsory as would constant fetal monitoring.  Every appointment felt like they were trying to find something wrong, even my glucose tolerance test I was told if the result came back negative I’d be tested again.  Why bother testing in the first place if you are just going to retest until you get the response you want??  Obviously I was slightly put off side, it seemed like birthing there would be a battle to get anything even slightly resembling the natural birth we wanted.

Hospital number 2 is more local to us, their special care nursery can only cater to babies from 32 weeks onwards so should the babies be born prior to that they will be transfered to hospital number 1.  The Dr could see no reason for inducing the babies, as long as they are happy and healthy in my belly they can choose when they are ready to come out.  I left that appointment feeling like my pregnancy is normal, not some big scary thing that may explode at any second and must be treated with kid gloves.

Fast forward to today, we decided to go on a tour of the hospital birth suites and maternity wards to familiarise ourselves witht he environment we will be welcoming our babies in.  Awesome Doula came along with us as we were due for a catch up anyway.  the midwife leading the tour was great, she repeatedly emphasised that pregnancy is not an illness and seemed like she was on our wavelength.  At the end of the tour Fabulous Doula somehow wrangled Awesome Midwife’s phone number and I rang her when we got home.  Awesome Midwife had lots of information about what we could expect /request at our birth, she thought it quite reasonable for me to refuse the epidural, monitoring would be intermittent as long as the babies were happy, I will be free to move around the birth suite as I wish.  Hallelujah!!  I was about ready to cry happy tears, sure it’s not the ideal homebirth situation we wanted but it’s one heck of an improvement on what hospital 1 was offering!

But then came the best bit, Awesome Midwife is a caseload midwife, a program the hospital runs where pregnant women on the program are assigned a midwife and have most, if not all, their appointments with that midwife.  That midwife is then on call and will attend the woman’s birth.  I asked Awesome Midwife if it was too late to get on the program, she asked when I was due and said “definitely not too late, you can have me if you want”.  Do I want?  Hell yes I want!!!!

Our birth team is complete.  There is, of course, Thommo, Fabulous Doula, Bestest Friend and now Awesome Midwife has completed the team.  With such a fantastic, supportive team around me I feel a lot more confident in our ability to achieve the birth that we want.  And I can’t tell you how exciting that is.


4 Responses to The day it all started to come together

  1. Meg says:

    That’s such wonderful news xxxxxx WOOHOO! Full steam ahead 😀

  2. loz says:

    Oh hun that is absolutely the BEST news to read I am sooooooo incredibly happy for you all :D:D

  3. ljma2009 says:

    It’s a huge relief, feels like it’s not going to be such a battle anymore.

  4. Emma says:

    Awesome news hun. I’m so glad that everything is falling into place and you are feeling comfortable and confident with your support team. Now just have to keep baking those babies.

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