When did he grow up?

I realised yesterday that I’ve been calling Jack a toddler when in fact, he is now technically a “preschooler”. Perhaps it’s just hormones (and let’s face it, I have an awful lot of those!) but preschooler sounds an awful lot more grown up than toddler!!

We had to make an unexpected trip in to the hospital last night, nothing serious just a precautionary check, and the boys stayed with my mum and her husband. We rang about 7pm to let them know that we were about to head home. I could hear the boys in the background, Lewis giggling like mad as he played with the dog and Jack asking to speak to mummy.

Then he proved just how grown up he has become. I was asking him about dinner and the dog an dif he was having fun, he ignored my questions instead questioning me himself! He was very concerned about the babies, I’m not sure if mum had discussed it with him but we hadn’t mentioned anything before dropping them off. “Doctors check babies? Babies ok mum?”. I assured him that everything was fine and then my tired boy asked “Pick me up soon mummy?”.

It’s hard to imagine that this time last year we were worried about his speech. Now, he is constantly amazing us with what he comes out with, he has a wonderful imagination, we get lots of stories about how nanna is going to visit and bring him cake. But then he also comes out with things like he’s selling food to his “customers”. Where he learnt about customers I do not know!

My darling tiny baby is blossoming into a gorgeous, cheeky, funny, smart, caring big boy. And I couldn’t be prouder.


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