Making with the happy!

My oh my I’m a terrible terrible blogger. Shall I go sit in the naughty corner for my sins or will you all forgive me?

Last we chatted I was dealing with antenatal depression and hyperemesis gravidarum. I am so very very very fortunate that the medication I have been put on for my reflux/heartburn has helped to settle the HG down (or it could just be a timing coincidence, I’m not testing the theory for you though mmmkay?). The last 2-3 weeks I have actually felt human! Crazy huh?

Naturally, with one good thing a negative must appear, my pelvis isn’t impressed with my new found energy and by the end of the day I’m walking like I’ve spent hours horse riding. But I’ll take that over days of feeling like utter shite. I LOVE having energy and actually being able to DO stuff!

In the spirit of doing things this week has been a busy one, well, busy compared to days spent languishing on the couch. My mum and sister have visited twice bringing armfuls of gifts for the twinlets each time (so humbled and thankful for their generosity), we hit the shops Friday night for some twinlet essentials, I went to an awesome twin breastfeeding class run by the ABA yesterday with my friend Sazz over at, dinner with the in laws last night, a surprise visit to my mum’s this morning followed by a little more shopping.

The breastfeeding class was amazing. I learnt things I didn’t know (did you know the theory of 4 hourly feeds is based on how often a baby cow feeds and not how often human babies need to be fed?), saw videos of squishy newborns that made me cluck cluck clucky, practised juggling 2 babies with my pink headband clad dollies (I’m not so great at that bit, sorry dollies!), practised twin breastfeeding holds, chatted with Sazz and got very excited about the breastfeeding journey ahead of me. Watching the videos reminded me of all those gorgeous newborn bits, the soft velvety heads, the adorable mouth open head bob when they’re hungry, how teeny tiny they are….oh how I am looking forward to having my 2 beautiful babies in my arms.

I’ve been eagerly awaiting my tax return so I could finally do some shopping for the twins, up until now I’ve only bought a twin breastfeeding pillow and a couple of bits of baby clothes of friends. So being let loose on the shops was FUN! Yes it was purely practical stuff, my mum and sister have clothes well and truly covered, but I still loved picking out the ginormous nappy bag, baby monitor for day sleeps, baby bath etc etc etc. And today I tried on some maternity clothes as I am rapidly outgrowing pretty much everything I own and I had to laugh, I look very much like an egg on legs all of a sudden!

For the moment the antenatal depression is definitely at bay, I’m excited, I’m bonding beautifully with the little thumpers in my belly, spring is slowly creeping in with gorgeous blue skies and winter sunshine. Life is good. I know there are many bumps ahead, we’ll get through them, we’ve come this far haven’t we?


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