Ante natal depression

It’s been a rough couple of weeks around here. At about 10 weeks my morning sickness started getting worse, everyone assured me that it would start getting better soon. Well here I am at 17 + 3 and I can assure you it is NOT getting better.

I’ve been struggling with feelings of guilt for quite awhile now, I explored them a little over at But Sunday saw me spiralling into a bad headspace. I couldn’t stop crying, felt utterly miserable. Luckily Thommo had Monday and Tuesday off work and I spent most of both days in bed, exhausted. Monday I also recieved a phone call advising me I had failed my GTT (glucose tolerance test) and as such had been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. It was all so overwhelming.

I got in to see my doctor yesterday and may or may not have had a minor meltdown in his office. He was completely wonderful, non judgemental and reassured me that these feelings are completely normal and sympotomatic of ante natal depression which apparantly has a higher incidence rate in twin pregnancies.

I will be starting anti-depressants which will hopefully help my mental state. I’m also starting Zantac which will help my reflux/heartburn and may assist with my nausea but I also have a script for Zofran if I need more help with that.

Fingers crossed I start feeling better soon, this is likely to be my last pregnancy and I feel like I’m missing it. Sadly my doctor is leaving the local practise in just over a week, we’ve been seeing him for 4 years, he’s seen me through 2 pregnancies and helped us through some rough patches in our marriage. He’s been wonderful and we will definitely miss him!


One Response to Ante natal depression

  1. Kelly says:

    I felt the same with RJs pregnancy. It was my last and I was too busy freaking out it would go wrong to enjoy it. It DID improve after the morph scan. Hang in there. Supporting you all the way xx

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