Toddler Talk

My friend Emma over at asked what talking her readers toddlers are up to. When I first read her post I racked my brain trying to think of 1 of the many funny things my boys come out with each day but of course drew a blank.

Lewis was very obliging though and come bedtime he had a winner all set and ready for me.

Bedtime is a joint affair in this house, I put Jack to bed and tuck him in while on the otherside of the room Thommo does the same for Lewis. Once we’ve had our fill of cuddles we switch and get some more from the other toddler.

Lewis has suddenly discovered the joy of giving cuddles and kisses and when asked will wrap his chubby little arms around your neck and move in for a slobbery toddler kiss. Last night I asked if he had any more cuddles and kisses for me. His response? “I fart”. I guess not. LOL


One Response to Toddler Talk

  1. Emma says:

    ROFL Funny boy! Don’t just love their honesty?

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