Blessed amongst the mess

I have been a terribly slack blogger, I promise to come back in the next couple of days with lots of catch up on the last couple of weeks.

Right now we’re in the midst of some not very nice family dramas. But amongst all the tears, tanties and tension there have been blessings and I’m now at the point that I can focus on those good things.

It was my darling Jack’s 3rd birthday, we had a family day out at Puffing Billy (story and photos to come) and a wonderful not as planned teeny party. There were 6 of us in total and Jack had the most wonderful wonderful time. Lots of squealing, giggling and running around. Bliss.

I am now 10 weeks into my pregnancy with the twins and I am mostly feeling really great. I’ve lost 5 kilos thus far, morning sickness is restricted to just first thing in the mornings as long as I avoid milk and fatty foods. I have more energy at the moment than I have had in previous pregnancies, I’m sure that won’t last too long!!

I will be back tomorrow with a proper catch up!


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