Gush gush gush

Please excuse me while I gush for a minute.

Over the last week or so, Jack has become the most adorable little mother hen. He fusses over everyone “You alright? Ok?” and suddenly has the most beautiful manners with lots of spontaneous “pwease” and “thank you”.

But the part that really makes me turn into a mushy puddle on the floor is the way he interacts with his little brother. On top of the usual cuddles there has been head rubs, singing to Lew as we tried to get him to sleep at a wedding reception “Go to sleep Lawlis, go to sleep”. If Lewis cries Jack is there within seconds checking on him and cuddling him better.

This morning they ere sitting on the armchair together while I made their breakfast. Lewis had 2 small trains and Jack hopped down and got the 3rd train just to give to Lewis before climbing back up beside him.

Of course they still have their spats, but 80% of the time it’s all gushy-worthy sweetness around here. Love my boys.


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