Meal plan Thursday

Time to get the shopping list ready to hit the shops tomorrow. The huge benefit to meal planning that I’ve found is that we are now buying (and eating) a lot more fruit and veg and a lot LESS processed ingredients.

I’ve made a slight change to meal plan objectives this week, thanks to early pregnancy I’m struggling with breakfast in the morning (toast seems to be of zero nutritional value, the smell of eggs is all too much, milk and cheese are a no go zone). So meals this week have been planned with the intention of having leftovers that I can reheat either for breakfast or for lunch. As always budget and toddlers have been kept in mind.

This week’s meals are:

Silverside cooked in the slowcooker, served with mashed potato, cabbage and minted peas.
Steak with the roast vegeatable salad Leah suggested last meal plan
Chicken fried rice – a favourite around here
Cheesy pumpkin pasties
Mini pizzas on bread crust bases – I’ve started freezing the crusts from loaves of bread, we normally throw them out but I think they’ll be perfect for pizza bases. Also means we have a stash of bread in the freezer if we decide to go feed the ducks and the local park.
Oven baked fish and roast vegetable chips

So there it is for another week. I also need to find a way to use up my current excess of milk and bananas, I’ve got a freezer full of bananas already and have more that need to make the move from fruit bowl to freezer. I buy them when they’re green but they don’t seem to have lasted the distance this week like they usually do.


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