Meal plan Wednesday

Time to nut out the meals ahead ready for grocery shopping tomorrow. We have a 8 day week and a 6 day week, this week is an 8 day week.

All my meals have to be gentle on the budget and toddler friendly. Meals get gold stars if they’re quick and easy to make too!

Meals this week are:
Gnocchi bolognaise and salad
Steak and veg
Chicken fried rice
Toasted turkish bread sambos
Oven baked fish and veg
Cheesy pumpkin pasties
Vegetarian chilli beans

It’s hubby’s birthday on Saturday and we’re having family and friends over for pizza, garlic bread and cake.


2 Responses to Meal plan Wednesday

  1. leahtimms says:

    How do you get an 8 day week?

    Roast veg salad is always a quick easy way to bulk out a meal and use veg before they expire.. whisk 2tbsp of balsamic or redwine vinegar and 4tbsp of olive oil to make a dressing (do this in the salad bowl you’re going to use to save washing up!) the toss in a handful of baby spinach or rocket, and your roast veg – pumpkin/zucchini/capsicum/whatever (20-30mins tossed in oil in the oven). Easy peasy!

    An easy topping for chicken/baked tofu/meat of choice: a tub of chunky dip (like rocket and cashew) and a tub of sourcream stirred together in a pot on the stove over a mild heat. Should serve 4-6. I rub olive oil and paprika into chicken breasts and then get Rob to flame grill on the BBQ. Serve with steamed broccoli and mashed potato. 10mins max in the kitchen!

  2. ljma2009 says:

    Mmmm yum, they both sound delicious thanks Leah!

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